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Personal Care:

    Sunshine Botanicals: Find out about this amazingly pure and potent skin care line at or learn how you can get a 10% discount at the link above.

    Hyper C Serum by Jason Naturals. Get it through The Vitamin Shoppe: (800) 223-1216

    SkinAnswer Glycoalkaloid Skin Revitalizer by Lane Labs: Available at some health food stores and through Compassionet: (800) 510-2010, ext. 699

    Shower Filters and Water Filters: Slimline Universal and Handheld Chrome trim Shower Filters with both KDF and Chlorgon filtering media, offer high quality shower filtration for the broadest temperature range at a great price ($39.99) , removing at least 95% of chlorine, lead, iron oxides (which ruin hair color!), odors and sediment. Dramatically reduces toxic fumes. Click here for online ordering to get your discount, or call 1-800-327-9137 and mention Kat James and use code KJTOTAL to get 20% off retail and free shipping!!

Gadgets and Appliances

    The Vitamix 5200 "miracle" kitchen appliance:
    1-800-VITAMIX (848-2649)
    Use code: ITKJA02 for free shipping.

Foods and Supplements

    Chitosan: through The Vitamin Shoppe (800) 223-1216

    Uncle Sam Cereal with Flax Seeds: Try your regular grocer. If they don't have it, contact (or have your grocer contact) US Mills, Inc., Omaha, Nebraska 68111

    NuNaturals: the makers of NuSteviaTM, the dietary supplement alternative to sugar and artificial sweeteners. Check with your local grocer and if they don't offer the product, have your grocer contact NuNaturals at (800) 753-4372

    Virgil's Diet Soda - sweetened with Stevia. Diet Root Beer, Diet Cream Soda, Diet Black Cherry Cream Soda and Diet Real Cola. Thanks to Aline M for introducing me to this product firsthand. Visit this page to learn more

    Sugar Free BBQ sauce and “Honey” (thanks to Maggie Bunce for the great discovery!!) Visit this page to learn more about the BBQ sauce's the link to the sugar-free honey page

    Sugar-Free Marshmallow Cream Visit this page to learn more about the BBQ sauce- Rich, creamy, velvety smooth. Homemade sugar free, low carb marshmallow cream! It's also Gluten Free! Made from scratch in small batches without the use of additives and preservatives to bring you the freshest, highest quality product available anywhere. They guarantee it. Thanks to Leah Lakip in Alaska for this great find! (423) 876-1922. Here are links:

Educational Materials, Organizations, Services

    Thyroid Issues Authority: Broda O. Barnes, MD Research Foundation: PO Box 98, Trumbull, CT 06611

    Life Extension Foundation: (800) 544-4440 or

    Dr. Whitaker's Health and Healing Newsletter: (800) 539-8219

    ALCAT Testing for food sensitivities: (800) 881-AMTL

    Dr. Christianne Northrupp’s Wisdom Hormone Support Program: $129 plus S&H through Phillips Products and Services at (800) 705-5559


Product Breakthrough: The Perfect Remover
One has to try to believe the pleasant smell and effectiveness of Perfect Remover nail polish remover wipes by Mario Quenneville. One wipe does all twenty nails effortlessly. Using a patent-pending, nontoxic and biodegradable solvent, these convenient, pleasant-to-use wipes contain no acetates or acetones, or even alcohol. They improve brittle nails as well. End of story!!

    Perfect Remover, 100% organic Nail Polish Remover Wipes by Mario Quenneville: Available through Q-Labs: 1-800-423-5222

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