This story is Part 2 in a series from one of the country's most respected detox experts and colon therapists, Brenda Watson, author of Renew Your Life. I've asked her to explain the proper way to detox and she'll be taking us all through the proper detox over the next seven weeks! Follow along!

The Steps to Digestive Health

There are two areas to address when beginning a general cleanse: the first focuses on the cleansing of the colon, while the second targets the remaining channels of elimination--liver, blood, lymphatic system, skin, kidneys and lungs--supporting them with herbs. This is considered whole body detoxification. When the liver is overburdened with toxins, the load is passed on through blood and lymph circulation to other organs of elimination: colon, kidneys, lungs and skin. It is therefore wise to begin a general cleanse that is designed to support all of these channels simultaneously, with special emphasis on the liver. General cleanse kits are easy to use and constitute a 30-day cleansing program. Such kits would ideally include herbs that provide support for all organs and systems of elimination.

General Cleanse

Step 2: Dietary Changes

Included in an effective herbal cleansing formula would be:
• Milk thistle- stimulates bile secretion, acts as an antioxidant and strengthens the cells of the liver to protect them
• Dandelion- stimulates bile and acts as a gentle laxative
• Beet- helps reduce damaging fats in the liver
• Artichoke leaf- stimulates secretion of bile and protects cells of the liver
• Mullein, an expectorant- helps expel mucus from the lungs
• Burdock- helps purge toxins that cause skin conditions
• Corn silk- a diuretic to flush the kidneys
• Red clover- a blood purifier and expectorant
• Larch gum- help the lymphatic system
• Hawthorne berry- support the heart
• Ashwaganda- support the adrenal glands

The herbal formula must also address colon detoxification. Among other colon cleansing herbs, it would contain aloe, rhubarb and triphala to stimulate peristalsis (wave-like muscular contractions) and magnesium hydroxide to regulate water in the bowel. It is very important that the colon function properly or it will not be capable of eliminating toxins from the liver. If these toxins are not eliminated, they will then recirculate, creating more of a problem. Formulas like this should be taken in the evening before retiring. Kits containing these herbs that address both colon and whole body cleansing make your cleanse very easy to perform.

CleanseSMART is suggested to use as a general cleanse kit. CleanseSMART is a 30-day advanced cleansing program that gently stimulates 2 to 3 bowel movements per day by hydrating the colon using magnesium hydroxide and contains a combination of 20 other cleansing herbs (listed above). Within CleanseSMART there are two formulas, Organ Detox and Colon Cleanse, which work together to bring immediate results. The first formula (Organ Detox) supports detoxification of the liver, kidneys, heart, lungs and skin, while the second (Colon Cleanse) assists in cleansing the bowel.

CleanseSMART is a natural formula of herbs, vitamins, minerals and amino acids, which support detoxification. CleanseSMART comes in capsule form.

As noted in the previous article about dietary changes, fiber is an important inclusion in a preventative or beginning detox program. Cleansing stimulates the liver to release toxins into the bile, which is then secreted back into the digestive tract (via the gallbladder). It is then necessary to ingest extra fiber for these toxins to be absorbed and removed in the bowel elimination. One suggested product to help achieve a persons recommended fiber intake is FiberSMART.

FiberSMART is a flax based fiber formula for daily use. FiberSMART is available in powder form or vegetable capsules.

Another component previously mentioned is a daily intake of essential fatty acids (EFAs) from good quality oils. Since essential fatty acids are fats that the body cannot make from other materials, they therefore must be obtained from outside food sources. Some of the best are fish oils (high in Omega-3), flax (high in vegetable Omega-3) and borage (high in Omega-9). A good product has the digestive enzyme lipase in the gel cap. A recommended EFA supplement to take is OilSMART. OilSMART helps to lubricate the colon and contains the digestive enzyme lipase to ensure maximum breakdown and absorption of oils.

OilSMART is a patented essential fatty acid product containing the full spectrum of Omega 3, 6 and 9 oils. OilSMART comes in capsule form.

Since most people in todays world lead busy, stressful lives, it is of utmost importance to keep the cleansing program as simple as possible. CleanseSMART was designed as a stand alone program that helps you achieve 2 or 3 bowel movements, as well as detoxify the body. Although CleanseSMART alone will bring you the level of bowel movements you seek, it is also recommended to take FiberSMART for bulk and OilSMART for lubrication.

Once a person has begun a general cleansing program, additional supportive therapies can be incorporated. The next article in our series will discuss various types of therapies used to support a persons detox program and address some issues that may arise during cleansing.

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