Better Than Juicing:

A New Detox Elixir For Our Times


Why I’ve Upgraded My Detox Elixir

In an upcoming edition of The Truth About Beauty, you’ll find this updated version of my Beauty Detox Elixir, made as a “whole juice” instead of an extracted one. After years of hard juicing labor for my Total Transformation® Programs concerns over my increasing number of diabetic attendees needing a lower glycemic alternative to conventional extracted juice, AND needing a more practical and affordable way to do my elixir for myself and my programs, I have figured out that I could create a far lower-glycemic, more nutrient and fiber-dense elixir using only about one-tenth the produce, and one-tenth the labor using a Vita-Mix. Here’s the new Beauty Detox Elixir I feature on my programs with far easier, far more affordable, and, most of all, farhealthier results:

Kat’s Beauty Detox Elixir (“whole juice” version)

This new Elixir takes only a couple minutes and very little produce to make when compared with conventional juicing, and won’t spike your blood sugar as juicing will. Adjust your produce according to what’s available and play around with the herbs, stevia and ginger and lemon or lime, to taste.

1 cup cold water or aloe juice (great for digestion)

1/3 cup of fresh parsley (heavy metal detoxifier)

1 ¾” wedge of cabbage (stomach healer)

1/2 cup of fresh dark, bitter greens (detoxifying and stimulating to the liver)

1” piece of ginger, peeled (circulation stimulator, anti-inflammatory)

1/2 lemon, scrubbed but not peeled (body alkalizer, bioflavanoid-rich)

1/2 small beet (blood cleanser)

Pinch of cayenne or 1/4” slice of small jalapeno pepper (peppers reduce pain and compulsive urges)

2 tsp. xylitol or stevia to smooth out the taste (both have health benefits). I like NuNaturals NuStevia (it's debittered and tastes great) and Sweet-X Xylitol Crystals.

Bonus: a sprig of fresh herbs, such as thyme, tarragon or basil

Ice as needed

Put all ingredients into the Vita-Mix. Run the machine on speed #10 for 15 seconds, and then on high for another 15 seconds. Taste and then add any needed, water, ice and sweetener to taste and run on high again. Make it pretty thin, as it will thicken quickly because of the fiber. If you have leftover, you can use it up to half an hour later by refreshing it with cold ice and a little water. Makes 2-10-oz. servings.

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