Bedtime Stories: Two Couples' Sleep Makeovers “Turned us into Different People”: Listen to Their Stories, Live, In Their Own Words (National Radio Interview Link Below)

After attending my Mayan Riviera cruise Program, I had the pleasure of reuniting with Diana and Sam in NYC and also of pre-interviewing them for an airing of The Kat James Show. If you have sleep issues and don’t believe anything can be done, neither did Sam or Diana… and their interview, below, is a must-listen.

Diana: “We were rolling our eyes at your optimistic determination to restore our sleep during that first TeleProgram session last fall before the cruise. We are believers now. We were believers even before we met you on the cruise because my sleep had already been restored and Sam’s was on the way. I don’t know how you managed to get him to give up his coffee after forty-plus years. At the cruise he finally went all the way with this. Now we find ourselves often saying that we are like two different people. I don’t even recognize this man who goes to sleep because he actually gets tired at 10 or 11…instead of 2.. and then gets up at 6 so full of energy that he WORKS OUT because he feels like it (not because he has to)… That is a totally different person. We have both lost weight steadily… probably around 45 lbs between the two of us so far. I am noticing that my distance vision has returned. I don’t even need my distance glasses anymore. I stopped craving early on and Sam’s appetite finally dropped during the cruise. I keep saying that Total Transformation® is the perfect name for your program. It has happened to us.”

Sam: “I had no idea how obsessive my relationships with food and coffee were before. I was not about to give up my coffee (on which I was completely dependent for energy) but somehow you got me to do it. I also did not realize that I could think this clearly again—better than when I was on the coffee.I am even able to use my brain at a deeper analytical l evel. My energy is now so steady and like Diana said, I’m a different person since the cruise. It was amazing to have you help us navigate all the restaurant menus and salad bars. It is much more complex than one would think and it took that whole week to finally grasp all the little variables and tricks. I am about to have my blood tested again. I was having blood sugar issues which I suspect are resolved. I will let you know. Thank you again. It has been a truly amazing experience.” 

Here is an inspiring sneak peek of the upcoming show/interview with Diana and Sam. Enjoy!:

Transforming Lovebirds: Deb's Transformation "Rubbing Off" on Husband Barry

Deb: “Since beginning your tele program so many health issues that have gotten worse and worse since I had my two children have begun to turn around. I couldn’t get good sleep and had puffy eyes not only in the morning but often throughout the day. One of the first changes I had on Dec. 13th was the first day with no puffy eyes and now it rarely happens at all. My sleep is SOOO much better too. When the tele program started I could not sleep much and rarely awoke refreshed. Now I fall asleep easily and don't wake up in the middle of the night. Sometimes I even wake up in the same position, which is unheard of for me. The start of my days used to be awful. Now I actually feel great most mornings. No more of the occasional grouchiness. The bulges above the waistline of my jeans have smoothed out. My abs are tighter, hips trimmer, jeans are looser in the thighs and rear…  We sailed through holidays and t ravel without faltering because of the tips I learned during the TeleProgram. Even my husband is mostly doing this now. He is completely convinced by watching what’s happening to me. We want to attend a retreat together."

Barry: "Dear Kat, I am the grateful husband of Deb Schlouch for 39 plus years… Deb looks amazing and more importantly feels so much better. If she gets any better, I’ll will have a hard time maintaining my composure around her :)  I’d love to attend one of your workshops with Deb as the positive changes are already rubbing off on me… We have a full international travel schedule with our careers (all good). Egypt, Dubai, Athens… so if you could give us a few months in advance to bake it into our calendar that would be great. Keep up the awesome work!"

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