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"A woman's beauty reflects her self confidence, her self knowledge. How she chooses to cultivate it reflects her self-respect... and her wisdom."
--Kat James


Kat James transformed her body and skin beyond recognition after a 12-year eating disorder and autoimmune disease nearly took her life. Without drugs or deprivation, the principles, strategies and resources that took her years to stumble on ultimately cured not only Kat's heroin-like addiction to food (resulting in a loss of ten dress sizes), but the skin-disfiguring liver disease and other issues that destroyed her health, beauty, and self-image for more than a decade. Today, at forty-four, and with none of the effort typically made to maintain such dramatic weight loss and transformation, Kat continues to defy the no-pain, no-gain, "boot camp" myths of beauty and slimness in her well-researched teachings, and in her vibrant living example.

Called "a master of self-transformation" by Self magazine's Mary Christ Anderson, Kat's advice and programs have been featured on Today, Hallmark Channel's New Morning, TBS' Movie and a Makeover, and in nearly every fashion and natural health magazine, including Vogue, Glamour, Oprah's magazine, O, Alternative Medicine, and Natural Health. Through her newly updated and re-released bestseller, The Truth About Beauty, national health columns, PBS special, and acclaimed, cruise- and villa-based Total Transformation® programs since 2000, Kat has helped thousands to mastermind their own healing transformations using science and strategy, rather than suffering or short-sighted quick-fixes. Known for her powerful "lifestyle upgrades" that produce visible change in a matter of days, and for her collection of one-of-a-kind resources that spell the difference between failure and success, Kat's teachings have consistently enabled others to replicate her own remarkable results, and garnered the endorsement of many leaders in nutrition and health.

Adding a compelling dimension to Kat's rare perspective are her years in the world of fashion as one of the most sought-after beauty experts and celebrity makeup artists of the 90's. A former consultant and on-camera spokesperson for Maybelline, Max Factor and Revlon, Kat's aesthetic background, along with years of creating illusions of perfection on models as she struggled to conquer her own beauty demons has deepened her grasp of the emotional, physical, and superficial constraints that must be shed in order to unlock the true radiant potential in each of us.

The recent re-release of The Truth About Beauty has garnered James the 2009 Silver Nautilus Book Award. After ascending to #1 out of 200 titles at Beyond Words Publishing in 2006, primarily by word of mouth, publishing giant Simon and Schuster's Atria Books division honored The Truth About Beauty with a Featured Re-release in January of 2008. Kat's part-memoir, part how-to encyclopedia—relied on by consumers and professionals alike—is now comprehensively updated. With forty percent new material, book-wide research updates, dramatic success stories, Kat's highly anticipated collection of Recipes for Transformation, and her Total Transformation® Teleseminars and full-curriculum Teleprograms to reinforce its application, the featured re-release takes readers' transformations to unprecedented levels. For more information, visit Kat's website, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year: www.InformedBeauty.com.


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