The Roots of Disease

Hi Kat.

I just went to Washington, DC yesterday to NIHA (I think you reference them in your book) for an appointment with two doctors.  I don't know where to begin, but I will try to make it as clear and concise as possible, since there is a lot to it.  This may be the answer for many people.

I had 6 root canals a surgeon in Syracuse in February '06. An NIHA person told me to make sure to tell the surgeon to clean out the cavitations.  I didn't do that because who am I to tell a surgeon how to do his job.  The surgeon did tell me that he found 3 cysts underneath the teeth he pulled on the lower right.  I don't believe he cleaned them out because he said "they weren't any big deal."  But the day I had my 6 teeth pulled, I was on top of the world.  I felt incredible.  How many people feel incredible after they've had 6 teeth pulled?'ll see why in a minute.

As time went on, however, I got sicker and sicker (as the cavitations closed up). By July, I began to experience problems with my large intestine and on-going problems with my liver.  Also, I began to have problems swallowing, particularly food.  A nurse practitioner, who I respect very highly, tested my thyroid.  Negative.  She called me and asked me if I would do just one more test for the thyroid, but this time, checking the antibody levels.  I agreed to do it (by this point my thyroid had been tested numerous times and was getting tired of it).

The test showed that my thyroid antibodies were OFF THE CHART...1,228. My body was attacking my thyroid, but doctors didn't know why.  This is called Hashimoto Thyroiditis. 

I called a doctor at NIHA and asked him his opinion.  He said that HT is a symptom.  He then asked if I told the surgeon to clean out my cavitations....I said "no" and told him why.  He proceeded to say that he had no doubt in his mind that I had some kind of infection caused by the cavitations.  I felt so good the day I had the root canals out because your body rejects dead stuff--and had the "dead stuff" removed. But also because the infection had some form of "release"...but that over time, as the cavitations closed up, the infection became trapped once again. 

My primary doctor at NIHA said that I had two options. 

1-Go to Ohio where they do a cavitat catscan to locate the problem area...and then they proceed to do invasive jaw surgery, which is very costly.  Or

2-Go to DC to NIHA, have the doctor locate the problem area electrically and then have ozone injections straight through the jaw by a specialist, and it's inexpensive.

I took into consideration what my doctor had said, but in the meantime, the nurse practitioner referred me to an endocrine doctor here in Syracuse. I met with her (because my husband thinks conventionally and I wanted to take the doubt out of his mind - having all my ducks in a row) and asked her what her opinion was of Hashimoto's.  She said it was a symptom.

The only thing she did was order a barium swallow test...which was negative.  I went a step further and had other tests.  An endoscopy, a gastric-emptying test (which was improved), a CT scan (negative), a sonogram to check for ovarian cysts (negative).  Though I was experiencing problems with my large intestine and liver, there was nothing wrong...according to the tests.  The endocrine doctor said that there was nothing she could do for me but to wait for my thyroid to die and then put me on Synthroid, which would be a life-time commitment.  No thanks.

Which brought me to my appointment yesterday at NIHA in DC.  I first met with a new doctor who was a specialist in this area.  She had 5 degrees from 5 difference universities and has been through the ringer because what she does is controversial and is healing her patients.  She tested me (electrically) and found that, in fact, I had a "severe" jaw infection.  It stemmed from a wisdom tooth that I had extracted 23 years ago.  The cavitation became infected and spread through my jaw bone.  She had to also test to make sure that I had no mercury left in my system, because the "fix" for the jaw bone infection are ozone injections straight through the jaw.  Ozone is null and void with the presence of mercury.  I've detoxed from mercury poisoning for a year through supplements.  After she gave the go-ahead, I met with still another NIHA doctor.

He also tested me to make sure he was in agreement with the my primary NIHA doctor.  I can't tell you how I felt when the doctor said to me, "it looks like we're going to be able to help you today." 

He numbed me up with novocaine, and then proceeded to drill 3 holes in my jaw and inject the holes with ozone.  The ozone killed the infection in the bone on contact.  I felt immediate results.  After the procedure was over, I felt like someone was sitting on my chest.  I was pretty scared.  But McClure reassured me that that sensation would go away. And it did.  Then I felt like my lungs were being filled with fluid...but, again, McClure reassured me that that sensation would go away.  And it did.  He said that it wasn't the effects of the ozone I was feeling, it was my nervous system resetting itself.  The infection that was robbing my organs, came to a screeching halt.  He said that I would feel weird things as time went on as the root cause of my illnesses had been eliminated.  I guess you can say it shocked my nervous system, in a good way.

My primary NIHA doctor showed me a huge chart as to which tooth affects different areas of the body. The chart indicated that the areas where my jaw was infected, were in fact, the areas of my body that were in distress...the large intestine, liver, cellular metabolic activity (chronic fatigue), etc.  I was dumbfounded, to say the least. the doctor had an assistant in her office who was learning the trade.  She said that she was sitting where I was in the doctor's office, a year ago, with severe back trouble...other doctors wanted to remove disks, fuse her back, etc.  But instead, she went to see this doctor at the NIHA.  She found out the same thing.  An infection in her she had the ozone injections, and was cured immediately.  So much so in fact that that is why she is this doctor's apprentice today.

I am blown away as to the correlation between teeth/jaw to other areas of the body.  I used to think "death began in the colon" but now I'm a firm believer that "death begins in the dentist office". Hope this is of great help to you.  I'm pondering the thought of writing a book, but I don't know where to begin.  Suggestions?

MP from Syracuse

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