Applied Science: A Natural Solution for Varicose Veins

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There is one natural therapy for varicose veins that was recently found in clinical studies to be as effective in relieving pressure and reducing swelling of varicose veins as well as compressions hose: Horse chestnut seed extract. Before this extract was studied, the natural therapy of choice was the bioflavanoid rutin. The former was found to be 500 times as effective. The best thing about going for herbal answers rather than drugs or compression hose, is that you will strengthen your entire vascular system as you reduce your varicose veins. I have clients who can't believe how well the horse chestnut seed extract works. It can greatly reduce the discomfort and the danger of varicose veins, as well as their appearance.

Now you can get the extract in pill form at your local drugstore in a fancy package under the name Venastat. You can also take the herb in capsules or tincture form from the healthfood store for less (Nature's Way is a very reputable brand if you buy capsules) or order it from The Vitamin Shoppe. Take it as the label recommends.

By the way, don't sit with your legs crossed, don't dawdle on the toilet and, well, don't be surprised if you start having varicose vein issues after childbirth. All are connected.

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