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But since the earthshaking group of studies done over fifty years ago, no subsequent study ever showed the same relationship between eggs and clogged arteries. In fact hundreds of studies have proven that dietary cholesterol intake has very little influence over our cholesterol blood levels. Most interestingly, a recent study, by the American Cancer Society found that people who ate eggs had fewer heart attacks and strokes than those who did not! It makes sense, since eggs are one of the richest sources of choline, a component of lecithin which acts in the arteries like a fat and cholesterol emulsifier, keeping the cholesterol in the egg itself moving through the bloodstream and preventing it from sticking to artery walls. Ironically, it’s the yolk itself -- the part of the egg infamous for its cholesterol content -- that has the highest concentration of this artery-protective nutrient.

So why did we ever stop eating eggs? Consider the way in which that originally damning set of studies were performed so long ago -- by the Cereal Institute: Dried egg yolk powder -- an oxidized form of the yolk was used in those studies. Oxidation destroys lecithin's protective properties. Consuming oxidized foods has long been known to cause free radical damage within the body. It all makes more sense now, doesn’t it!

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