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If dry brittle hair, itchy or flaking skin and scalp as well as general acceleration of the aging process through markedly increased oxidative damage. If you color your hair, there’s the nuisance of chlorine’s mild bleaching effect which lifts haircolor out, making browns red and blondes brassy. These effects alone can completely negate your attempts and expenditures with expensive hair and skin products.

But if you need more incentive to invest in one of the new filters, read on.

Most people aren’t aware that showering daily without a filter is actually dangerous. Science -- not just speculation -- but confirmed that showering in chlorinated water is actually much worse than drinking it, for two reasons:

  1. Our pores open up and soak this known carcinogen directly into the bloodstream, contributing to the 9% of all bladder cancers and 15% of all rectal cancers in the US which research conducted jointly at Harvard and the Medical College of Wisconsin has attributed to chlorinated water.
  2. In a hot shower fumes, including chloroform are inhaled, causing potential respiratory problems and aggravating sinus conditions, asthma, allergies and throat problems.

If you’re reading about this for the first time, it’s just as well, since up until now, the shower filters available to combat these problems weren’t that good at removing chlorine in hot water, which is what most of us prefer to shower in. But now, with the new KDF filter technology that actually works best in hot water and lass much longer, you’ve got a complete, easy solution to all of those nasty problems. At around seventy dollars, you’ll get more beauty bang for your buck than that expensive cream could ever deliver. Here’s to shinier hair, glowing skin and longer life!! (For KDF technology filters and ordering information, see Resources).

Coming soon, the way to protect yourself from chlorine in the bath!

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