Kat Q&A: Veganism and The Kat James Method

Q: "I heard you on Peter Roth's radio show and am curious if vegans can follow your program because I am vegan and do not plan on returning to eating meat and dairy but see value in the concepts. Thanks! Lanette

A: Hi Lanette,
My work cannot help vegans as far as achieving or maintaining leptin sensitivity which gives the lion’s share of the more dramatic benefits you might have heard about on Peter’s show, including my own transformation. But that vegans generally see great improvement with some of the principles.

I would not recommend investing in my program if you find yourself unwilling to any animal products. Most who work with me at at least the TeleProgram level are convinced to do so and see immediate improvements (and an end to all dairy sensitivities) that they thought were impossible, even if they were feeling well to begin with. Whether your veganism is ethically or health-based, as a former 7-year vegetarian myself I recommend that you look into the scholarly work of former 22-year vegan, and controversial activist, Lierre Kieth, author of The Vegetarian Myth and please listen to my interview with her on B, below.

As a former vegan of the deepest ethical principle, Keith shares her riveting and harrowing first-hand experience as well as an exhaustive gamut of considerations—from ethical to environmental and everything in between regarding vegan vs. omnivorous diets. This is a quintessential must-hear for anyone now practicing or considering veganism:

The Kat James Show interviews former 22-year Vegan Lierre Keith, author of The Vegetarian Myth:

Listen Here

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