Wilderness Mountain Transformation: Kat James Brings Total Transformation® to Award-winning Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Retreat October 1st Through 5th or 7th

After twelve years conducting real-time health transformational programs—with stunning results—around the world, from health and fertility clinics where her book and principles have been used by health professionals for nearly a decade, to top European and American destination spas, to Tuscany farmhouse to horse therapy ranches, Caribbean cruises, mountain-side "tree houses" to prestigious institutes such as Omega, Kat James will bring her Total Transformation® Program back to the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Spectacular Location Near Lake Lure: Used as location shots for TV shows and cinema and for getaways by Michael Jordan and Russell Crowe, you will find the 6000 acres of ever-transforming mountain wilderness that surrounds this multi award-winning Frank Lloyd Wright inspired masterpiece situated between Lake Lure and Lake James (near Asheville), NC, an awe-inspiring back drop for your own transformation.

What is Kat James' Total Transformation®? It is the real-time experience of the transformational blueprint and a mission pieced together by Kat James to save her own life more than twenty years ago, with biochemical effects that have only just begun to be understood and validated in scientific research. It is also an experience that has been transforming the bodies and lives of countless others since 2000. Honed over twelve years of "living along with" her attendees and closely observing the individual thresholds at which a unique biochemical "flip" into a different state of physical being and dramatically transformed relationship with food, Kat's Program is designed for those who are READY for a quantum leap in benefit beyond what any approach (including fasts, raw, vegan, gluten-free, and Paleo…) has afforded them, featuring:

  • An acclaimed, life-changing experience with a rare track record of dramatically transforming the bodies, minds, and lives of its participants, and even their families.
  • Kat James' renowned body- and health-transforming"decadent" cuisine:  "In my international research and education to the scientific and medical communities I have not encountered a practical experience that so consistently produces the biochemical affects on leptin and mTOR in the context of high-end and compliance-strategic culinary execution as Kat James' Total Transformation does," stated Dr. Ron Rosedale, a world authority on leptin and metabolic health. By day three most people will feel "the change" (see numerous dramatic published success stories at
  • A crash course in kitchen mastery of Kat James' life-changing cuisine: Even if you thought you weren't the cooking type, you'll suddenly be able to "throw together" sumptuous dishes that will wow your family while transforming your shape, neurological, metabolic, hormonal, dermatological, and even inner ecological health—usually dramatically.
  • Highest-end nutritional and personal care experiences and products to expand your knowledge and give you sanctuary from toxic exposures
  • An educational journey with Kat to troubleshoot areas of self-sabotage, strategize logistics and resources, and solidify your own transformation game-plan
  • In-depth kitchen mastery of Kat's Low-Impact cuisine, including tasty desserts, "impossible" bread, pasta, and baked good upgrades (far beyond just gluten-free) elixirs and therapeutic, exotic, and tasty beverages.
  • An incredibly inspiring, non-judgmental environment afforded by a diverse group of people with a common goal. You'll have just as much of a blast by yourself as you will if you bring a companion (recommended ONLY for people who are seriously motivated to break out of long-standing health issues and are ready to let go of everything they thought they knew about the right way to eat. Although her book is not the same (not as biochemically strict, nor as experientially decadent) as Total Transformation® it is recommended that attendees read The Truth About Beauty (it is for both men and women) and familiarize themselves with the uncommon track record of this Program by visiting
  • An enchanted location to inspire your experience (see details on ther location below)

5-Day and 7-Day Dates: Wednesday, October 1st through Sunday, October 5th, with optional two additional days (Oct. 6th and 7th Kat will conduct her rare makeover and photo shoots, continue to coach, cook with (you'll have endless options from picnic to horseback to gentle hikes to skeet shooting and panning for gold right on the premises) with those choosing to stay the full seven days as your exciting physical transformation unfolds.

Transportation Provided: Attendees who fly into Asheville airport (AVL) by 2pm on Sept. 30th and fly out after 1pm on Oct. 5th or Oct. 7th, will be provided transport. Please limit luggage to two small pieces. There will be laundry facilities at the house.

Program Price: The cost for this luxury 5 or 7-day Program includes all above features plus double occupancy (first come, first served; those bringing companions will be given priority) or airbed or couch accommodations while there is space. $2950 for 5 days and $3450 for 7 days. A limited number of helper positions for those who stay the 7-day period will grant the last two days for free (so helper price for 7 days would be $2950). Please email us at or call 877-54-TOTAL for details (if calling, allow up to two days for response; emailing is fastest).

For further questions or to enroll, please contact us at 877-54-TOTAL or, for faster response, email us at


Kat James transformed her body and skin beyond recognition after a 12-year eating disorder and autoimmune disease nearly took her life. Without drugs or deprivation, the principles, strategies and resources that took her years to piece together ultimately cured not only Kat's heroin-like addiction to food (resulting in a loss of ten dress sizes), but the skin-disfiguring liver disease and autoimmune issues that destroyed her health, beauty, and self-image for more than a decade. Today, at forty-seven and with none of the effort typically made to maintain such dramatic weight loss and transformation, Kat continues to defy the no-pain, no-gain "boot camp" myths of beauty and slimness in her well-researched teachings, and in her vibrant living example.

Called "a master of self-transformation" by SELF magazine's Mary Christ Anderson, Kat's advice or programs have been featured on Today, Hallmark Channel's New Morning, TBS' Movie and a Makeover, and in nearly every beauty, fashion, and natural health magazine, including Vogue, Glamour, Oprah's magazine, O, Alternative Medicine, SELF, and Natural Health. Through her syndicated radio show, newly updated and re-released bestseller, The Truth About Beauty, national health columns, PBS special, and acclaimed, cruise- and villa-based Total Transformation® programs since 2000. Kat has helped thousands to mastermind their own healing transformations using science and strategy, rather than suffering or short-sighted quick-fixes. Known for her powerful "lifestyle upgrades" that produce visible change in a matter of days, and for her collection of one-of-a-kind resources that spell the difference between failure and success, Kat's teachings have consistently enabled others to replicate her own remarkable results, and garnered the endorsement of many leaders in nutrition and health.

Adding a compelling dimension to Kat's rare perspective are her years in the world of fashion as one of the most sought-after and quoted beauty experts and celebrity makeup artists of the 90's. A former consultant to celebrities such as Martha Stewart, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson, as well as companies such as Maybelline, Max Factor and Revlon, Kat's aesthetic background, along with years of creating illusions of perfection on models as she struggled to conquer her own beauty demons, has deepened her grasp of the emotional, physical, and superficial constraints that must be shed in order to unlock the true radiant potential in each of us.

The featured re-release of The Truth About Beauty by Simon and Schuster’s Atria Books garnered James the 2009 Silver Nautilus Book Award. After becoming an Amazon bestseller primarily by word of mouth, Kat's part-memoir, part how-to encyclopedia—relied on by consumers as well as health and beauty industry professionals around the world—was comprehensively updated with forty percent new material, book-wide reference and research updates, dramatic success stories, Kat’s highly-anticipated collection of Recipes for Transformation, and an expanded resource guide Marie Claire magazine calls “worth its weight in gold.”
Through The Truth, The Kat James Show (, her web-based Total Transformation® Programs and TelePrograms, including workshops, from Tuscany, to Vail, to Costa Rica to renowned clinics and institutions including the respected Omega Institute, as well as private programs for executives, entertainers, and professional athletes, Kat continues to expand and hone her teachings, often living alongside her students. For more information, visit Kat's website since 1998,


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