Total Transformation® Mayan Adventure With Kat James, October 29-November 5th

(Please note that only five ocean view staterooms remain for this cruise. For best selection, please book your staterooms as soon as possible) 

Imagine a vacation—and future— where you feel unprecedented calmness, clarity, and freedom from cravings. Experience shifts in your shape, energy, skin, digestion (including food sensitivities) in a matter of days as you drift through the Western Caribbean from exotic port to port, swimming with dolphins in the wild or visiting a sacred Mayan site.  Master the same pioneering lifestyle principles that transformed Kat James beyond recognition, between Western Caribbean ports of call (see itinerary below) and countless other activities, as you learn and dine along with Kat for eight life-changing days. A variety of the most luxurious restaurants at sea (Celebrity is rated #1) will be your learning background, but you won't miss the gelato bar. You’ll have plenty of decadent-yet-wise treats of your own. And you won’t believe how light you feel throughout your vacation (how strange would that be!) as you indulge in scientifically-strategic food choices without portion control, calorie-counting, or need for willpower. Return home on a new path with transformed sensibilities, a re-sensitized biochemistry and a glowing reflection that will have friends and family saying: “Something has happened to you. What did you do?” 

  • Benefit from the day you register, with a pre-cruise, full-curriculum Total Transformation® Jumstart TeleProgram plus a bonus one-on-one game-plan consultation with Kat (receive an additional, post-cruise follow-up coaching with Kat if you book before August 25th) to guide you through your initial transition so you’ll already feel and look different and have much more energy by the time you set sail. NOTE: Alumni are discounted, but will also benefit tremendously from this Program, as Total Transformation® is constantly honed.
  • Experience the Western Caribbean and Yucatan Peninsula in uncommon elegance—inside and out. Not only will your body begin to function more elegantly, but so will your environment, with the #1-rated Celebrity cruise line, boasting some of the most beautiful restaurants and staterooms at sea. Even the attire is upscale. Click here for a tour of the incredible ship and restaurants we’ll be eating at for Kat’s Program. 
  • Master Kat’s lifestyle principles onboard between ports of call, with group coaching as well as restaurant coaching with Kat at each meal (invaluable real life practice in the ship’s restaurants affords an opportunity that is unique to this event). 
  • Indulge in Kat's deceivingly-decadent culinary innovations (in addition to strategic restaurant selections), such as ground-breaking flour-less and grain-less baked goods, dreamy desserts, exotic elixirs, and strategic, between-meal munchies that will make adhering to her Program surprisingly “sinful”. Exclusive recipes included.
  • Receive Kat’s legendary Transformation Jumpstart Product Collection ($250 of Kat's top pick full-sized essential supplements, highest-end natural personal care, Program-safe munchies, sweeteners, etc.) will get you started, save you money, and boost your onboard and post-cruise results. Please note that you must designate Kat James as your referral when booking your cruise stateroom with Adele (details below) in order to receive this exceptional gift.
  • Celebrate at Kat’s rejuvenating "Halloween Tricks and Treats” gathering for dessert and more on October 31st, for participants-only to top off the onboard festivities (costume encouraged!!). 
  • Experience significant transformation in your head-to-toe health and appearance. By sticking with Kat’s guidance (again, no willpower needed, if done right and taking full advantage of her pre- and post-cruise coachings), most people will feel "the change” in under a week. Doctor-confirmed success stories** have included significant metabolic, digestive/eliminatory, mood/cognitive, immune modulating (including allergy and food sensitivities), skin, pain, hormonal, energy/adrenal/thyroid, and sleep/apnea transformation**. A profound drop in appetite is generally experienced on the third day along with energy stabilization, and reduced inflammation** (accompanying fluid loss through urination). As time goes on, the more severe the initial issues, the more dramatic the transformation tends to be. See below for links live national interviews of past attendee experiences, or visit to read published success stories.
  • Bonus: New Life “Cruise to Enlightenment” will be co-located with this Program, so Total Transformation® Participants will have special access to New Life spiritual lectures/panels, events, exhibitors, and free master yoga classes.
  • Men and women benefit equally. Lacto-ovo vegetarians, omnivores, and gluten-free eaters encouraged. Not recommended for vegans. Strategic dairy will be served at most meals. Food sensitivities generally diminish or disappear quickly.

"In my international research and education to both medical communities and through my clinics, I have not encountered a high-end culinary or retreat experience that so consistently produces the biochemical affects on leptin and mTOR that Kat James' Program does. I recommend it, as it is uncannily in sync with the best science." —Dr. Ron Rosedale, international authority on leptin and metabolic health

if you have further questions regarding Kat James' Total Transformation® Program, please email us at for fastest response, or call 877-54-TOTAL

Total Transformation® Program-Only Price: $1,995, non-refundable ($2,150 starting September 1st). Reserve your Program at our shopping cart HERE, or at (make payment to with subject line “Kat’s Mayan Cruise”). Companions booking at the same time may take off $250/person from the Program-only price when paying by PayPal. For current alumni and helper discounts, please email us at

Your Stateroom/cruise must be booked separately, at THIS LINK <JAMES PLEASE IMBED THE LINK BELOW HERE AS WELL] where you’ll find current rates and availability, as well as details about the included Celebrity amenities (meals, entertainment, room service, ship features, port charges, taxes and gratuities details, as well as cruise terms and agreement. Note that stateroom prices increase closer to cruise date, so be sure to book as soon as possible. Important: You must indicate Kat James as your referral when registering at this link for your stateroom/cruise, or if you book with Adele, in order to receive Kat's $250 Transformation Jumpstart Product Collection on the ship. 

The above Program and Stateroom/Cruise combo does not include: Air or ground transportation to or from Fort Lauderdale. Some will stay at hotels in Ft. Lauderdale the night of October 28th if their flight can’t get into Ft Lauderdale by 11 AM on October 29th. If you are coming from the West Coast, and wish to avoid a hotel stay, you might consider a red eye flight. The above form can also help you book your flight and/or pre-cruise hotel stay for a small fee. We also recommend for good fares.

For all remaining questions about Kat James’ Program, please email (fastest) or call 877-54-TOTAL. If you need further assistance specifically with stateroom or cruise issues after viewing the link above, please call Adele at Legendary World Travel at 760-230-5624 (9 AM-4:30 PM PST) or email: Again, be sure to mention Kat James as your referral if you book by phone as well.

NON-ALUMNI: To Book Your Program Package, or for detailed stateroom options and Celebrity Infinity cruise and ship details, please call Adele at Legendary World Travel at 760-230-5624 (9 AM-4:30 PM PST) or email: and ask for Kat James/New Life cruise/stateroom package options. IMPORTANT: Please indicate Kat James as your referral when calling and if registering online in order to receive Kat's $250 Transformation Jumpstart Product Collection on the ship.

TWO PEOPLE ATTENDING TOGETHER, ALUMNI, AND HELPERS are all eligible for discounts on Kat’s Program portion of this Package. Please email us at or call 877-54-TOTAL to determine your discount (booking earlier will give you the greatest discount). Once you’re discount rate is confirmed, to register for Kat's Program portion of your cruise, please visit and make payment in the discounted amount to our PayPal email:, You will then still need to book your stateroom/cruise through Adele, at 760-230-5624 (9 AM-4:30 PM PST) or email:

Once booked, participants will be contacted by Kat James/InformedBeauty and asked to complete a questionnaire and disclaimer/release to maximize benefit. We reserve the right to decide against any individual’s participation for any reason.

Cancellation policy: Due to logistical and material requirements of this event, no refunds of the Kat James Program portion of this event will be granted. However 50% credit of the Program-only portion may be applied toward a future Total Transformation® Program with Kat James for a period of two years from the starting date of this event.

*Learn more about Celebrity Infinity’s endless luxury amenities at the link below and be sure to review cruise details regarding additional fees and non-included air and ground transportation in and out of Ft. Lauderdale, taxes, port charges, and incidental items such as alcoholic beverages and restaurant extras. 

**Legal disclaimer: Kat James’ Total Transformation® Program is for informational purposes only and not intended to diagnose, prevent, or treat disease. Seek your doctors supervision before undertaking any nutritional or treatment changes if you are being treated for disease.


Thu Oct 29 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 4:30pm (boarding begins at 2pm)
Fri Oct 30 At Sea
Sat Oct 31 Cozumel, Mexico 7:00am 5:00pm
Sun Nov 1 Roatan, Honduras 9:00am 6:00pm
Mon Nov 2 Belize City, Belize 7:00am 5:00pm
Tue Nov 3 Costa Maya, Mexico 7:00am 4:00pm
Wed Nov 4 At Sea
Thu Nov 5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL 7:00am (please allow several hours before your flight out of Ft. Lauderdale)

What is Total Transformation®? An original transformational blueprint pieced together by award-winning author Kat James to save her own life and reverse multiple disease processes without struggle or willpower, more than twenty years ago, with biochemical effects that have only just begun to be explained by new scientific research.Recommended by top doctors around the world, it is also a real-time lifestyle experience that has been transforming the bodies and lives of thousands since 1998. Refined by fifteen years of firsthand, dawn-to-dusk observation of countless individuals’ of varied physiological thresholds, Total Transformation® features James’ personal guidance through a unique biochemical "flip,” which ushers in not only a stunningly-transformed relationship with food (even if you think you have no problems there), but head-to-toe transformation characteristic of recovered “master hormone” function, affecting virtually every system in the body.

Identified by one of the foremost experts on the master hormone leptin as the only retreat of its kind to consistently help people recover sensitivity to the hormone,leptin, Kat James’ Program has been featured or hosted at prestigious institutions such as Omega Institute, as well as by functional medicine, fertility, and other clinics and spas from Maui, to Tuscany to Costa Rica and throughout the U.S. Capable of doing what gluten-free, Paleo, and even low-carb, high protein ketogenic diets cannot do for cravings, fat loss, and all other health, aging, and beauty issues, Total Transformation® eliminates the need for willpower (even for hard-core sugar addicts) in a matter of days. True to leptin’s well-documented effects, incredible results are seen with autoimmune, leaky gut, IBS, allergies, neurological/seizures/ADHD, adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, eczema and acne, and much more. Please note that there are critical distinctions in Kat's approach, which avoids the pro-cancer risks of high-protein diets, such as Paleo, and other low-carb and ketogenic diets (ketogenic diets do not generally achieve leptin sensitivity; ketone strips should not show high ketones once leptin sensitivity is achieved). 

Recent Transformation Success Stories:
These national radio and print testimonials linked below feature firsthand accounts of dramatic transformations of everything from Candida symptoms, to “incurable” 30-year leg swelling, hair loss, chronic sinus infections, dairy sensitivity reversal (first link)... to hot flashes, Insomnia, anxiety attacks, high blood pressure, thyroid, hair loss, IBS, dairy sensitivity, asthma, heartburn, skin, and even marriage relationship (second link)… rolling back menopause (from sleep to weight gain, to stopped cycles started again, plus resolved dairy sensitivities (again!), plus how a church donation gave a dying woman a Total Transformation® and health turnaround after doctors gave up on her obesity, flesh-eating wounds, and MRSA (third link)… a finally, how a  relatively “healthy” man conquered fibromyalgia, sleep, depression, digestion, asthma, and more (article/fourth link). Contact for specific story topic requests if you are curious about specific issues. The array of success story topics is exhaustive.


  Can’t Get Away? Be Sure to Look Into Kat’s 8-Week, Full-Curriculum Total Transformation® Teleprograms If timing or finances do not allow, you might consider “attending” a full-curriculum Total Transformation® Basic Jumpstart or Mastery TeleProgram from your favorite chair at home is your answer. You can even miss sessions and listen to recordings of them from your home. What an ideal format the Electrograph turned out to be for those who could not afford the time or expense to get away for the full destination Program experience. In all survey responses, the pacing was said to be pretty much perfect. For more information, please click here
Opportunities for Local LMTs and Aestheticians Interested in Participating in Total Transformation® If you are an LMT, licensed aesthetician, email us at for more details if you are interested in attending at a discount. If you have emailed us before we had dates, please email again if there are specific program dates you would consider.
Total Transformation® Participant Testimonials

Amy English

“I’ve lost over eighty-five pounds. Most importantly, I’ll never use food as a drug again.”


Emily F.

“I can’t believe what I’m feeling. After just a few days, my eyes and my head are so clear. My bloat and facial puffiness are almost gone. My shape is changing. This is unbelievable to me because this goes against all my training as a health educator.”


Georgianna N.

“The first time around weight came off and my seborrhea went away to the point where I could wear sleeveless tops again and didn’t need steroid creams. I have watched the circles under my eyes and the crepey skin on the back of my hands almost disappear. My thyroid nodules actually shrank and all of my blood work was dramatically improved. The second time I lost another four dress sizes and got my husband to attend. Now he no longer smokes and is on a totally different path as we enter retirement. This may well have saved our marriage.”


Jeff Cotter

“I have lost 55 lbs and my blood sugar is now normal. My skin and hair are much softer. And yet I’m only just getting started with this. I have not felt like this since I was a teenager. I have tried other diets and none truly ended my very desire for what I now see as poisonous foods.”


Sue Kirwan

“I am no longer diabetic and have lost 36 pounds (four dress sizes) in three months, and regained my oval face shape."


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*LEGAL DISCLAIMER (educational purposes only). The beauty and health approaches presented here at and as presented in any Total Transformation® Program or Teleprograms® are not offered as cures, prescriptions, diagnoses or a means of such. No attempt should be made to use any of this information as a form of treatment without the approval and guidance of your doctor. and its publishers assume no responsibility in the correct or incorrect use of its information.

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