Join Kat at Her Omega Institute 3-Day Jumpstart Program, Memorial Day Weekend, May 23rd - 26th



The prestigious Omega Institute in enchanting Rhinebeck, NY, will host—and has now opened its registration for my first 3-day Total Transformation® Jumpstart Intensive on Memorial Day Weekend, 2014. It is my most affordable on-site Program option ever for those who cannot afford the time or expense of a five-day program, yet feel they need to "be there" in person for a more visual and hands-on experience, or believe they have compliance or logistical challenges that make my on-site Total Transformation® Program essential for their success.

This workshop begins Friday at 6:00 p.m. And ends on Monday at noon. There are generally children's program available at Omega to free you up. This workshop is not recommended for vegans. Instructions for a pre-program jumpstart will be sent to you by the instructor. Tuition includes Kat’s complimentary Jumpstart Product Collection, featuring food, supplement, and personal care products.

*** Please note: The Omega Institute Program does not include a makeover and photo shoot.***

To learn more or REGISTER for the Omega Institute 3-Day Jumpstart Intensive, visit:

To learn about your accommodations options on Omega Institute's gorgeous campus, please call 1-800-944-1001

For any additonal details, email us at or leave us your phone number at 977-54-TOTAL



Your dollars and days off are precious. What will you really bring home from your vacation?

What would you expect to pay at a spa that gives you nothing included and serves up blood sugar-spiking “health foods” and chemical-laden spa treatments with pseudo-natural products. And would you get to experience or learn about any of the following?

  • An acclaimed, life-changing experience with a rare track record of dramatically transforming the lives of its participants, and even their families as a ripple effect
  • Stay in an amazing setting You will truly feel at home in this beautiful retreat location--and be among friends-from the moment you arrive.
  • Body-transforming, sumptuous, low-impact eating principles featuring organic, grass-fed, free-range, wild, and/or local ingredients. You’ll help yourself from endless options to quell every craving. We don't know of any other destination retreat where you can learn to live this way or experience this result
  • Highest-end personal care and nutritional products to sample all week with plenty to take home
  • A one-on-one educational session with Kat James to troubleshoot areas of self-sabotage, strategize logistics and resources, and solidify your game-plan* (valued at $500)
  • A once-in-a-lifetime, world-class makeover and photo shoot with a top industry artist, using the highest-end natural cosmetics, and the most flattering, super-natural techniques that will make you look more rested and vital than you've looked in years (valued at $1200+). View Kat’s professional and celebrity makeup artist portfolio here! (click on “artists” and then on Kat James at Your favorite photo will be included. Full CD and memory albums will be offered at reasonable rates.
  • Free mini spa treatment, using therapeutic fresh herbs, pure essential oils, and cold-pressed oils. Additional full treatments available.
  • Uncommonly tasty, fresh detox elixirs that you'll create (better than juice), along with therapeutic beverages and herbal nightcaps.
  • A "mixology" session where you'll learn about using herbs and essential oils that will open your mind to exotic new beverages that will become favorites!!
  • The non-judgmental environment afforded by a diverse group of supportive strangers with different, yet overlapping personal health goals
  • Optional follow-up phone session led by Kat James to ensure your success.

Locals and Potential Savings

If you are local to the area, you may at least save airfare. We do not recommend that you drive home each night unless you are no more than twenty or at most thirty minutes from the host home, as it may otherwise impinge on the transforming aspects of the program. If you are close enough to sleep in your home or at a friend's home throughout the program, we will deduct $350 from your program tuition. Email us at

Flights (Airports and Arrival and Departure Times)

  • Charlotte Program: Flights into Charlotte airport must arrive on Feb. 27th by 3:30 PM EST and must depart between 1:15 and 3 PM EST on March 4th. Some may leave the evening of March 3rd if flights are no later than 9 PM and no earlier than 7:45 PM EST.
  • Omega Institute Program: Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY; where Omega offers limited shuttle service or you may take a taxi (note, transportation arrangements are not provided, other than through Omega Institute, call 800-944-1001 with any questions). From New York City area airports, you must arrange transportation into Manhattan to catch a bus or train. Some Omega Institue program attendees will rent cars to visit NYC either before or after their program.

Book Early to Claim a Room (Double Occupancy) in the Host Home in Charlotte. As always, the first to book are the ones who are able to stay in the host's home for the duration of the program. Helpers or those who book later or still want to stay in the house and not cover their own hotel may stay on airbeds or pullouts. Those who book later will have to cover their stay (we still provide transport) in a nearby hotel, which we'll secure. We will cover anything over $400 total If you are staying double occupancy and willing to split a room (all rooms in the house are always double occupancy and on rare occasions for large rooms, can be triple. If you require your own room we suggest you stay at a nearby hotel and we will provide transport each morning (around 8am) and evening (leaving host/program home around 9:30pm) if it is one of our preferred locations. Let us know if you need a list of nearby options by emailing us at

Pricing and Payment Methods

For Omega Institute Program Pricing and registration link, See Below. The program cost for Charlotte is $2,950 for early bookers who call us in time to stay in the host home. To book, you would either go directly to and "send money" to: OR, for $25 fee added, James can call you for payment over the phone on our Blue Summit merchant account. All rooms are double occupancy although some single rooms might be available for an additional charge of $100 per night. An additional $350 discount can be combined with other discounts, for those who sleep in their own homes. We will provide free transport, if needed, from area airports at the start and end of the program as well as transport each day from nearby accommodations to the host home. For a limited number of kitchen helpers, another $200 off is available for kitchen helpers.

For any additonal details, email us at or leave us your phone number at 977-54-TOTAL

For Omega Institute Program Pricing and registration link, See Below.

Additional Omega Institute 3-Day Jumpstart Program, Memorial Day Weekend, May 23 - May 26th, Details:

The prestigious Omega Institute in beautiful Rhinebeck, NY, will host—and has now opened its registration for my first 3-day Total Transformation® Jumpstart Intensive on Memorial Day Weekend, 2014. It is my most affordable on-site Program option ever for those who cannot afford the time or expense of a five-day program, yet feel they need to "be there" in person for a more visual and hands-on experience, or believe they have compliance or logistical challenges that make my on-site Total Transformation® Program essential for their success.

If you’re ready to get off the body, food, and beauty merry-go-rounds and get serious about dramatic, cellular-level transformation, join award-winning author Kat James for this exclusive 3-day, Total Transformation® Jumpstart Intensive.

Following in the footsteps of Kat's and countless other success stories, immerse yourself in three packed days of ideological and physical transition and shed the mindsets, toxins, and dietary myths that block your potential. Master skills that will become your most powerful ally for struggle-free weight loss, aging well, ending stubborn skin issues, and dealing with persistent health challenges.

  • Recapture a state of peace and clarity as you:
  • Find freedom from food cravings
  • Discover a little-known fat burning and energy stabilizing mechanism
  • Learn delicious and "impossible" gluten- and grain-free baking techniques
  • Prepare savory organic food, “decadent” desserts, and transforming elixirs
  • Enjoy mini-spa and detoxifying beauty experiences Receive an individual coaching session and personalized regimen from Kat

To learn more or REGISTER for the Omega Institute 3-Day Jumpstart Intensive, visit:

Here are the typical physical results experienced during one of Kat's program:
Days 2-3: Dramatically improved energy, reduced puffiness in the face and abdomen, sugar, starch, alcohol, and caffeine cravings subside.
Day 4: All food, caffeine, and alcohol cravings are typically gone (even in the formerly food-obsessed). Calmer skin, clearer eyes, looser clothing, deeper sleep, more stable moods, re-sensitized taste-buds, improved digestion, a new perspective on personal care can all be expected. You’ll likely see a glimpse of someone you once knew (or never knew was in you) in your end-of-week professional makeover photo.

The eco-tours Sacramento retreat host and Sky Ridge Ranch director, Barbara Thompson, had this to say about her recent Total Transformation® experience:

“Kat- I am feeling FANTASTIC! Life after the Denver program is a whole new way of moving through the world. Am mostly amazed at lack of desire to regress. Just not interested in the old choices- as you kept saying would happen. SO excited about hosting the program here at my retreat center in October. I know your guests will get so much out of their experience with the horses.”


  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  Q: What is the Schedule at Kat’s Program?
Kat delivers her educational program (so boring sounding, compared to how fascinating hearing it from her really is). Her talks follow four parts: 1) Shedding 2) Feeding, 3) Cultivating, and 4) Living Beauty. We highly recommend that your friend read Kat’s book prior to attending, as Kat believed the benefits from the program are limited if the person has not taken that step, because the lifestyle shift is not necessarily intuitive and the principles are very specific and unique (and incomparably effective). Kat does not publish details about the program, but because so many national stories of dramatic physical transformation have been published about her program, and because foremost experts like Dr. Joseph Mercola (one of the most read natural healers in the world) and Dr. Ron Rosedale endorse her approach, people generally come with a very high degree of faith and high expectations, which are almost always wildly surpassed, as you can read from the link above. Kat also spends plenty of one on one time with each attendee which is key to the program’s impact.
  Q: Will I miss my favorite binge foods or desserts?
No! Not only will you experience a week without blood sugar spikes and learn what it’s like to be truly freed from cravings and negative food issues, you’ll, at the same time, be empowered to address every possible food craving, from salty to crunchy to chewy, to chocolaty —without the fat-storing consequences. Strategic beverages such as non-alcoholic spritzers, hot and iced herbal coffees and teas as well as purified water are available at all times. No alcoholic beverages are available.
  Q: What is the experience like? Is it casual?
The great thing is that Kat makes everyone feel so comfortable (I am a bit introverted, so it was amazing how comfortable I was immediately). I attended a Mountain Chalet Program. She’s not a fan of rigid scheduling and allows the group’s individual issues and level determine her pacing and emphasis. This is so much more valuable, Kat says, than when she did large group programs. She gave most of her talks with us while we ate so we could  have plenty of time to relax and talk with her individually, enjoy the amazing place or take excursions if we wanted. There are always such  great smells and activity in the kitchen, and free treatments going on, that  it is more of true rejuvenating and decompressing vacation than I could have ever imagined getting at a spa or anywhere else. And the fact that you are getting a makeover with Kat, and georgeous photos is pretty special (Kat was Martha Stewart’s makeup artist). Kat provides an excellent overview of various products including green and natural products and organic foods, elixirs, oils, and spices, really inspires you to turn your own home and kitchen into a place to rejuvenate yourself and your connection with nature and your family when you return home.
  Q: What if I follow a special diet? Does undertaking my approach mean you’d have to give up being vegetarian or a raw foodist, or a blood-type dieter? How is it for gluten-free folks?
Kat’s “low-impact” principles are often the missing “layer” that could catapult the healing potential of all kinds of dietary approaches. Kat’s approach is already very friendly to gluten-intolerant individuals because most grain products are avoided. The Program benefits will be limited in strict vegans.
  Q: Can I be treated for ailments at Kat’s Program?
Kat makes no claims to diagnose, treat, or cure disease (and she has everyone sign a disclaimer with their understanding of that). Those being treated for disease are encouraged to seek their doctor’s supervision and approval before undertaking therapies or dietary changes based on Kat James’ approach. That said, the track record of amazingly transformed people in the wake of Kat’s programs speaks for itself. You and your friend(s) will appreciate the experience and benefit from it much more if you read some of the inspiring success stories in Kat’s book or her monthly column in Better Nutrition magazine, available at many independent health food stores. One recent article chronicled the  transformation (times three) of a woman who brought her two daughters to the program; the mother and 14-year-old ended their eating disorder and their nine-year-old is no longer a sugar addict.
  Can’t Get Away? Be Sure to Look Into Kat’s 8-Week, Full-Curriculum Total Transformation® Teleprograms If timing or finances do not allow, you might consider “attending” a full-curriculum Total Transformation® Basic Jumpstart or Mastery TeleProgram from your favorite chair at home is your answer. You can even miss sessions and listen to recordings of them from your home. What an ideal format the Electrograph turned out to be for those who could not afford the time or expense to get away for the full destination Program experience. In all survey responses, the pacing was said to be pretty much perfect. For more information, please click here
Opportunities for Local LMTs and Aestheticians Interested in Participating in Total Transformation® If you are an LMT, licensed aesthetician, email us at for more details if you are interested in attending at a discount. If you have emailed us before we had dates, please email again if there are specific program dates you would consider.
Total Transformation® Participant Testimonials

Amy English

“I’ve lost over eighty-five pounds. Most importantly, I’ll never use food as a drug again.”


Emily F.

“I can’t believe what I’m feeling. After just a few days, my eyes and my head are so clear. My bloat and facial puffiness are almost gone. My shape is changing. This is unbelievable to me because this goes against all my training as a health educator.”


Georgianna N.

“The first time around weight came off and my seborrhea went away to the point where I could wear sleeveless tops again and didn’t need steroid creams. I have watched the circles under my eyes and the crepey skin on the back of my hands almost disappear. My thyroid nodules actually shrank and all of my blood work was dramatically improved. The second time I lost another four dress sizes and got my husband to attend. Now he no longer smokes and is on a totally different path as we enter retirement. This may well have saved our marriage.”


Jeff Cotter

“I have lost 55 lbs and my blood sugar is now normal. My skin and hair are much softer. And yet I’m only just getting started with this. I have not felt like this since I was a teenager. I have tried other diets and none truly ended my very desire for what I now see as poisonous foods.”


Sue Kirwan

“I am no longer diabetic and have lost 36 pounds (four dress sizes) in three months, and regained my oval face shape."


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