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Consensus from the worlds of beauty and fashion: Eyeliner is back!

Does this scare you a little? If not, you may be a little too attached to your eyeliner already. Either way, there are some professional tricks that can make eyeliner a good thing on occasion, not just something that imposes itself on your otherwise lovely face, as most eyeliner does. The trick? Using the new colored and soft metallic liners in shades of bronze, brownish-mauve and even dusky blues applied subtly, staying very close to the lashline.

For bit of "edge", apply to upper or lower lashline, not both. Skip the powder shadow and keep the skin demi-matte, with as little foundation as possible. Keep lips neutral if your using more daring colors, or go for a watered-down bright shade (apply a small amount of highly pigmented gloss, or mix pencil with clear gloss or lip balm.) The new Bath and Body Work's line, Beautiful by Nature has great, wearable purpley-brown eyeliner pencils and a lip color called Red Grape that looks "current" but won’t make you a "victim," if you know what I mean.

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