Why I Stopped at McDonalds, Hep C and More, Ozone NOT Too Good to Be True, RS Bell Show, Former Workout Junkie Jackie Schaefers Turnaround, Gold Standard Scans Coming to Long Island Program

Dear Friend,
On my flight back from LA after that incredible program which has produced more new stories since last week (see JP’s story below), I was amazed that in the US Air wing at LAX, that at 8:30 in the morning, there was no place to get plain old eggs. I had packed every kind of treat made together with my host the day before, but left it behind in the scurry to get to the airport. I went from restaurant to restaurant. If I wanted eggs they would be in a sandwich or in a burrito (not much egg, and probably not real egg). No one was offering just eggs (or even the not-quite-egg-looking matter). It was surreal to actually find myself in line at McDonalds until I could read the menu. Luckily, even McDonalds didn’t have just eggs for sale. I would hate to have followed through on that one. An employee at LAX said that the US Air wing was particularly limited, so I hope that is the case and that this doesn’t represent a trend. Just in case, be sure to voice your need for access to eggs at airports whenever you get the chance.

In the meantime, what I’ve learned about ozone in following up on the technology behind a favorite new product discovery at last week’s Natural Products Association (NPA) Marketplace in Vegas (that’s me, above, at my book signing and just following my radio interview with Robert Scott Bell) has been as important as any other health topic I’ve ever covered. The new kitchen application alone will save anyone hundreds to thousands per year on produce spoilage (I’m testing it out at my upcoming Long Island Total Transformation®, July 15-19th). But the medical applications are even more astounding, time-proven, and... Suppressed (potentially catastrophic to the sickness industry).

Who knew that ozone therapy was once the gold standard (even in the U.S.) of eradicating viruses and even more feared conditions, before antibiotics “took its place” in the late 1930s? IV Ozone therapy kills literally all bacteria and viruses and even stubborn myco-bacteria and yeasts (and possibly even biofilms) and resolves so-called “untreatable” conditions with zero side-effects (only a handful, like rashes, have ever been reported over years of hundreds of thousands of procedures), and Ozone therapy (categorized under bio-oxidative therapies) is still a primary treatment in most other developed countries and was extremely important during wartime.  In fact, you could name any “incurable” viral condition that affects you or anyone you know chronically... And let’s just say that whether you suffer from aids or herpes, Lyme disease, shingles, rheumo conditions, schleroderma, Hep B or C (to answer a recent reader question as to what I would do...), lupus (all autoimmune stuff), chronic fatigue, mono, Epsteine Barre, or shingles, dental infections, you won’t want to miss my show tomorrow and might even consider a trip to NY state for this unrivaled treatment. Some attendees of our Long Island Program beginning July 15th will be taking advantage of their trips to NY to get discounted treatments with Dr. Howard Robins, my radio guest this weekend, and the foremost expert on ozone therapy in North America.

See this weekend’s show details below, including an opportunity for RSD sufferers to be one of eight remaining people to be included for free in the Phase II FDA trial of ozone therapy for RSD (an inflammatory condition).

Countdown to Long Island Program, July 15th-19th, Featuring TB Miasm Screening for ADHD, and Many Other Perks
If you are not sure about making the investment in Total Transformation®, take a look at Jackie’s story, below and next week I’ll share more details on as-of-recently former diabetic, Marilyn. Fewer than five weeks remain before my exciting Smithtown, Long Island Total Transformation® program begins. It’ll be the most perk-packed program featuring gold standard antioxidant scans, hormone balancing, free mini spa treatments, fertility, and facial rejuvenation acupuncture, optional canoe adventure, as well as TB miasm screening for ADHD sufferers—all hosted by recent radio guest, Dr. Roxanne Carfora, one of the first board-certified anti-aging specialists in the U.S.. There’s still room for you to be a part of this ground-breaking Smithtown program (includes full curriculum Total Transformation® program, complete with biochemical transformation and world-class makeover), so let us know if you’d like more information by emailing us at Info@InformedBeauty.com.

Former Workout Junkie Jackie Schaefer’s Major Turnaround, Mind, Body, and Spirit
Jackie Schaefer of Chicago, is a writer who attended the La Verne California Total Transformation® program less than two weeks ago... If you want to experience the changes you see below, consider joining us on Long Island in a couple of weeks by emailng us at Info@InformedBeauty.com for more details.

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), shortly after the birth of my second child.  PCOS is a disease you can't see; it affects the reproductive system, adrenal glands, and thyroid.  It is also linked with hypoglycemia, diabetes, and an increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer.  I began suffering from symptoms such as acne, thinning hair, fatigue, and hypoglycemia.  My doctor wanted to put me on birth control as the solution to my symptoms and treatment for my disease.  I knew this was not the answer for me, so I set out on my own to search for the answers.  I simply didn't believe what my doctor told me; that my disease was terminal and I would have it for the rest of my life.  In my search I came across Kat's website.  I told myself that as soon as I could, I would participate in her program as I felt she had the missing link I was looking for in restoring my health; it was the only way I felt I could be successful in overcoming my disease.  I had tried changing my diet in so many ways over the years and dabbled in supplementation, but I still wasn't achieving the results I was looking for.  When my opportunity finally came along to participate in Kat's program, I hopped on it, telling myself I was ready to make the necessary changes to get better.  It was an intense 5 day program that exceeded my expectations in every way.  By the fourth day, inflammation was receding in my face, from underneath my eyes and throughout my entire body; I began to notice a difference in my waistline.  Then my energy returned at a level I had not felt in years.  I had been in the habit of taking naps for so long.  At the end of the program, I didn't feel the need to sleep in the afternoon.

Now, less than two weeks later, am doing really well.  My face is looking very different: my skin is clearing up and the wrinkles around my eyes, forehead, and mouth are much less prominent.  I feel firmer- all over- and my clothing is relaxing around my waist.  I'm beginning to look as I did when I was exercising like a mad woman- without the strenuous workouts.  I am also sleeping much better than I have in years and when I wake up, I get up and immediately start my day.  I am in the kitchen, making something to eat, taking my supplements, and off to action.  That, in and of itself, is amazing to me.  I have never been a morning person- I normally loathe mornings.  Now, I am beginning to like them; I feel great when I wake up.  I am, however, staying up kind of late because I have all of this energy and I want to use it until it's gone.  I need to focus on a better sleep schedule now, but clearly my sleep is more effective now.
My most profound change, however, is a new and beautiful sense of inner calm.  I am alert and peaceful inside in place of being a caffeinated cat on the ceiling.  I do not have energy dips or cravings.  I'm not running out to buy Green and Black's Dark Chocolate Cherry bars!  This may sound strange, but I will say it anyway.  My intuition is kicking in stronger than ever before and it's unlocking doors for me inside- in a spiritual manner.  Does that make any kind of sense to you?  I am calm, my moods are stable- yet I have this feeling of greater inner depth.  Feelings are rising to the surface from within that I need to address.  I can only imagine, Kat, that you went through the same thing...  [Note from Kat: YES, Jackie, it is unbelievable what the spiritual impact has been from both a cellular and instinctive resensitization that happens from the program and before my own recovery I was incredibly disconnected. Whatever anyone’s spiritual pursuit is, if we are drugging ourselves in any way (food, vice or prescription meds) we are distanced from the strongest signals from within, I TRULY believe. Once connected I do not think that the “study” of spirituality is necessary. I believe that your inner direction is newly and loudly heard again)].
The program has me inspired to overhaul my kitchen.  I have been on a buying frenzy and my kitchen looks much the way our host’s did after your overhaul.  I am utterly consumed, but it feels wonderful and I am so thankful I have the time and resources for all of this now... it was just the right time.

[Update several days later]
My energy continues to increase fifteen days later. Acne is clearing up.  I have no muscle soreness or fatigue.  I have clear mental focus and a calm inner spirit in place of a nervous nature.  I wake up happy, alert, and ready to start my day.  For me that is a miracle in and of itself as I have never been a morning person.  In five days, I was able to overcome my addiction to coffee.  I no longer have cravings for chocolate or even that occasional glass of wine.  When I eat, I feel satiated and full of energy.  My experience in this program has been priceless.  In this short amount of time, I have regained aspects of my health I had lost years ago and had little hope of every returning.  It has changed my life.

I wanted to tell you how grateful I am for all of this.  I do not think words can adequately convey.  I had been waiting all of this time to participate in one of your programs (I knew it was the only way I would be successful) and I feel so honored to have been a part of the LA team.  We are all a gorgeous bunch of gals- each special in our own ways.  We are the seekers, yes, however you are the catalyst for setting us on this path of profound change.  So, I thank you Kat, once again for being the beautiful, strong woman you are to do what you do; you have blazed an amazing trail dear friend.  You seemed to have paired us all together as if you knew we would get along well with one another.  I miss my dear roommate.  Marilyn is coming to Chicago in October and I will be looking forward to meeting her for dinner one evening during her stay.  Just to hug her again would be wonderful.  She said she was off of her diabetes meds.  I was in tears reading that email from her-how fabulous.

More soon,

Jackie. And yes, you may use my full name!

Yoga and Other Bodywork, LMT, Photographer, and Facialist Total Transformation® Discounts and Earning Opportunities
We are also granting $1000 discounts, plus the opportunity to earn back much of your tuition through paid services, to qualified LMTs, photographers, facialists, and other qualified practitioners, toward all programs. These spots fill fast, so this is your chance to experience Total Transformation® and be credited toward the program for your professional contribution, as well as paid services. If interested, email us at info@informedbeauty.com with your qualifications and reasons for wanting to attend.

This Weekend’s Radio Show: Ozone Revisited: What a Forgotten Miracle Healer Can Do For You NOW, Even If All Else Fails
Ozone is a substance of great consequence. As I increase my own understanding of all of its applications and gather personal stories from people (including some past attendees of Total Transformation®) whose lives have dramatically helped with it, I continue to hold it in higher and higher regard.

Intravenous ozone therapy destroys every virus, fungus and bacteria without harming healthy cells. As many of you would guess, it “fell out of favor” when synthetic antibiotics came into vogue in the late ‘30s. But what happened when other countries could not afford antibiotics during wartimes? They used what worked—and with ZERO life-destroying consequences of antibiotics... Ozone therapy has been used for over 60 years in 36 countries by 30,000 physicians daily. Aids, Lyme, Chronic Fatigue, Diabetes, Candidiasis, Hep B&C, and all other immune system diseases are consistently helped when all else has failed and virtually without adverse reactions. Learn how this may be the only answer and hope for you or your loved one’s health problem.

My guest on this important topic, Dr. Howard Robins has health centers in NYC and on Long Island, and has over 20 years of clinical experience in ozone and other bio-oxidative therapies, with over 150,00 ozone treatments performed. He is considered the foremost clinical expert on bio-oxidative therapies in North America. Find out how to experience ozone therapy at a discount and for sufferers of an inflammatory issue called RSD, find out how you could be part of a new Phase II FDA clinical trial.

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FALL 2011 Total Transformation® TeleProgram, Spanning August 18th - October  20th
The Fall 2011 full-curriculum Total Transformation® TeleProgram will begin August 18th. If you would like to jump in on the current teleprogram or are are interested in reserving your spot in my small fall TeleProgram group, please learn more about the TelePrograms at the link below or email us at Info@InformedBeauty.com. The new dates will be posted next week; sessions will take place EACH Thursday night for the first five weeks (recordings available if you need to miss any), then occur with some weeks in between.

New Recipes and New Beauty and Survival Department at the 2011 Member Library
In addition to many new recipes, including the “transformation batter” variation recipes and my new a nd improved CrunChia Cheese Crackers, the new “Beauty and Survival” section of the Member Library has been added because I felt my health freedom and economy-related information that will, I believe, affect your health, needed a “home” outside of this newsletter. I hope many of you enjoy this new section of the Member Library that I created. I want my readers and listeners to be healthy in every way, even financially, as  all of you know that directly affects your health options. And yes, I also want you to be able to afford to come to my program if you need it!! That is why I think of ways to help, like my quizzes, occasional scholarships, and the available discounts. But this new Beauty and Survival section takes what I can do to help much further.

To become a Member Library subscriber for 2011 (subscription good through December 31st, 2011) for $129, with full access to quarterly recipe additions from Total Transformation® ; Programs (visit http://www.informedbeauty.com/total_transformation_program_detail_fall_09.html), full radio shows on demand, exclusive articles and alumni diaries, including Kim Rangel’s long-term recovery from an eating disorder using my program, and the new Depression Detox Diary submitted by a recent TelePro gram attendee who has successfully come out of a dee p depression with the help of my program, click HERE or visit http://www.mcssl.com/SecureCart/ViewCart.aspx?mid=25DF1D05-28E8-48A4-9E08-35EF09F8912D&sctoken=8edbe19959364a529b2c0e72ea3f4c25&bhcp=1.

Information for New Subscribers and to Send to Friends About Kat James and Total Transformation®
For new subscribers, this newsletter now includes some of the best ways to familiarize you with what I do: First, and foremost, my book, The Truth About Beauty (anything but a women’s-only book, by the way), the stories from the homepage of my web site, http://www.informedbeauty.com, the radio show previews at http://www.thekatjamesshow.com are great places to get to know what I do. Be sure to read my own story at http://www.informedbeauty.com, and watch this video of our Biggest (health!) Gainer winner, chaplain Janet Hunter from Spring Branch, Texas (you can read her full story at Better Nutrition's website http://www.betternutrition.com).where I write a regular column), with her live recounting of her Total Transformation® experience for  those of you who would like serious inspiration to jump in with both feet (she had a heart attack in 2009 and is now truly transformed, according to her doctors).


Finally, one of the best ways to learn about my Total Transformation® Program and its unusual track record and features is to click on the link above that leads to my recent story from Total Health Magazine.

Or, you could just go to this link to learn about my extremely unique program which represents biochemical objective that is not available through just about any other dietary approach you can think of. No, I make no claims.  I only share real life success stories, including my own (told from the Total Health link at http://www.informedbeauty.com and in The Truth About Beauty.

Testimonials From Total Transformation®
Although my program is not just for those with food issues (and does not make health claims, other than simply sharing true stories), I want to show you in the letter I received, below—which is a very typical account —how the nature of hunger changes once one’s metabolic re-sensitization to various hormones occurs when following the principles in The Truth About Beauty, and at my Total Transformation programs or TelePrograms.

Dear Kat,
My week has been extraordinary, Saturday night I had some family over for dinner and served grilled elk steak and your Southwest Hempseed pilaf and Creamed spinach everyone loved the dinner and kept saying how good everything  tasted.  Even my dad who is a staunch rice and meat kind of guy!  But, the best part of the meal was that half way  through I was done...I mea n done, I felt fully satiated and had no desire to take another bite!  I have never had that happen, I couldn't over eat if I wanted to.  I believe that the chicken sausage I had for breakfast on Monday morning spiked me and I wanted to eat all day long, I will not have those again for a while.  My sleep, as you predicted, w as also effected by what I ate on Monday, it is amazing how everything is connected. The supplement you recommended is working better than the Bach's Remedies were working.  I have more energy than ever, which is a very good thing as my one year old grandson is coming to spend the day!  I have also realized that I need to take some program-friendly snacks along with me when I go shopping.  Yesterday I wen t to town, an hour drive, and found I became quite hungry (unusual as I  used to be able to skip meals)!  I have also noticed that I am very hungry in the morning s, then easily sated and  stay very satisfied until it's time to eat again.  Over all I have an "all is well with my soul" feeling, I like it!  Look forward to learning new things tonight and implementing the rest of the changes that will lead to my total transformation.

Kelly B.

Dear Kat,
Almost a year later, I’m still off  the vicious cycle of eating wrong which reduced my energy (and increased weight) and once kept me addicted to caffeine.  Something so simple to see now in hindsight, but I was lost in that cycle for a long time. Thank you again for your program, as it was what I needed. My transformation hasn’t been as dramatic as some you have highlighted (possibly due to not following  the program completely), though I have lost pounds/inches (from a 14-16 to 10-12’s) and more importantly, I have  energy to stay awake the whole day and not fall asleep mid-afternoon or at 10pm at night.  It certainly allows me to enjoy whatever I am doing with enthusiasm and I know I can count on my energy to see me through the day.  I am about 95% true to the program and when I make choices not on the program, I know almost immediately and then “suffer” the tiredness, irritability, etc.  
A question please if you could help me: Is agave nectar OK on the program?  Some of the recipes I am coming across call for it and in reading the label it claims to be non-spiking, but I don’t know.  What is your experience with it? Also, I might be interested in your program in Costa Rica...  —Best, RoJean

Dear Rojean,
I’m so glad my program has afforded you the better quality of life and freedom from your vicious cycles regarding food and caffeine. I know you know what could happen (as so many reading this know) if you went even further with it, but you know that you have gone most of  the way (and I congratulate you for that). How much we strive to be totally consistent with the program (and there is a quantum benefit if we do) often mirrors the degree to which we become fed up with our feeling about our health and appearance when we undertook the program. You came into the program not only gorgeous and for the most part healthy, but also with a confidence that in spired all who attended the program with you. You now have an incredible tool at your disposal, which you know how to use and even to hone further, should you ever become unsatisfied with your state of health, or your appearance. When we are basically happy and have fulfillment in our pursuits and comfort in our bodies, we tend (as human nature) to have a natural limit as to motivation to change a routine that is obviously delivery pretty good results.

My situation (and that of many reading this) was/is very different. I’m very sure that had I not been faced with a slew of health crises all those years ago, I  would never have been so motivated to dig so deep, not only to save my own life and transform myself beyond recognition, but to translate that Rubik's Cube of core adjustments into an effective approach for others.

To answer your question about Agave, my experience of it for myself and for the one program many years ago that I tried to  introduce it at, was that it often contributed to blood sugar spikes (as many so-called “low-glycemic” foods do). Not to say it is not an improvement on many other things out there. But for the metabolically challenged who want the quantum leap benefits of my program, it posed a barrier for many people. The “Smart Sweeteners” in my book are what I continue to use on my programs with greatest success.

Regarding doing remote location programs, I’m finally doing the West Coast Program and East Coast and so glad you may attend the Costa Rica program!! It is for the more active and  adventurous... A true Costa Rican transformation experience beyond any typical tourist vacation, as you can imagine!

Please keep me updated and hope to see you again, Rojean!



TeleProgram Thoughts From Past Attendees
I want to share the thoughts of past attendees. For information email us at info@informedbeauty.com.

Amy A.
"The hardest thing for me to believe going in was that I could ever be free of the urge to binge. The price was a bit hard at first.  I have spent  a lot on various diets/plans and was afraid this  wouldn't be any different. I had had experience with t he book, but with the added reinforcement of doing the TeleProgram, something clicked. Now I am experiencing--for the first time--the ability to feel fully satisfied after a meal.  I don't obsess about my next meal while I'm eating the current one anymore.   It was worth the money! My face looked less puffy within a few  days.  Everything else seems to be very gradual toning and tightening-up.  I had lots of headaches for various reasons at first, including the fact that I was weaning off of sleeping pills, but I am sleeping now, using nothing but supplements, and the headaches have diminished.
Mastery was definitely the right choice for me.  The q & a was my favorite part, invaluable.   I really liked the  time we each got to spend talking with you, and troubleshooting.  It gave me hope and reinforcement.  You are amazingly patient, I don't know how you do it!

Doreen C.
"There is a profound feeling that a weight has been lifted when you can no longer be 'put on the defensive' by food. A couple of weeks ago came that moment of realization when I felt nothing around a plate of elegant mini cream puffs se t in the middle of each table at a at fancy charity event. I can't think of something that would have been harder for me to resist only a short time ago. I did no t even think about it, beyond the funny realization that I felt nothing, which was so surprising. I am also sated by absurdly smaller amounts of food these days, not because I am trying to be 'good' but because my body just knows when it has been deeply nourished (unlike before). Something major has happened. Then there are the physical  effects. My husband hid my scale as Kat suggested. But everyone keeps commenting on different little things about me. For my yoga teacher, its my changing body shape, (which I feel in my clothes). For my immediate family, it's my skin tone and clarity in my eyes. Repeatedly, I keep hearing about my "healthy glow."  For me, my favorite part of Kat's program so far, is the effect that it has on my husband, Patrick who no longer falls asleep after dinner. Life just got more  interesting :)).... The session on hormones has sent me on an exciting process, and I feel that there are major resolutions right around the corner. Patrick really did this for me, but we have done the program together, and truly feel this will be our "Total Transformation".
Gladys K.
"I went to grab the whole f at yogurt at the store, and one of the customers next to me said "my nutritionist said that is loaded with fat and fat is bad for you."  I just ignored her and s aid nothing.  I felt thin and healthy. I went on the scale this morning and lost about two pounds but it seemed like more because my pants are loose and my face is thinner.  I like what I feel and and see in the mirror. For the first time in a long time I'm not thinking 24/7 of food.  I have more time to do other things.  You have the secret. I know it is your passion to share it. Thank you for sharing and helping us."  
Aurora D.
"There's been a change in my skin, more sound sleep, eyes less puffy and flatter stomach.  Most of this occurred within a few days to a couple of weeks.  I'm most surprised about how quickly the cravings for ice cream and sweets stopped (within a few days)  It is rare that I feel "I have to have some ice cream" which use to be a daily message from my brain. Many of the people on the call had more experience with the program and had questions that I would not even had known to ask. It was very helpful and it was good to hear that many women had some of the same issues and you had the answers. This has saved me asking a lot of questions that would have come up later, if and when I do  have a private consultation, it will save me money. As a result of the Teleprogram I believe I am on my way to living a much healthier more vibrant life and will look and feel much better as I age gracefully. How could it have served me better? Had I known about and s tarted this earlier, like 20 years ago... I am really looking forward to participating at the Asheville program.   I'm excited about what lies ahead."
Cindi C.
"My reservation about doing the Basic Jumpstart teleprogram was wondering what I would learn that wasn't already in the book. Well, I feel like I've learned so much more, and that's saying a lot because your book is loaded with valuable information! My sugar cravings have stopped!  It's a miracle!  It probably only took a week or two.  I now observe that I'm not wishing for my old standby snacks (in the old days, I'd pop popcorn, look for ice cream, anything chocolate or any junk food and often eat that as a late snack).  Can't forget the other improvement I felt right away...the Sprite shower filter is amazing!! My skin and hair are so much softer than they were.  Incredible!"
Julie L.
"I feel less water retention in my abdomen and face.  My mood and emotions are more stable because I do not drink wine any more.  My daughter is ver y happy about this because she told me my personality changed when I drank wine.  Wine had a very big impact on my insulin response. The Mastery program was the right choice for me. I like the fact that it is spread out over several weeks so that participants can see what problems they are encountering.  This allowed me to live the program in "real life" and to deal with daily stresses and try to stick with the plan. Then it was great to come back with our questions. Having access to the recordings  to listen to after and between sessions has also been wonderful and keeps me from feel ing overwhelmed by information overload.  Learning from others' questions and comments has given me information that I know has saved me the expense of personal consultations down the road."  

“It has been 2 weeks since I began your program.   I have had a raging eating disorder for the last 29 years.  Over the course of the last year I have tried everything to find freedom from the madness of my eating disorder.  Every morning I woke up I said that this would be the day that I would eat healthy and not snack.  I promised myself I would not visit Starbucks and yet every day I found my self making excuses and planning my entire day around that visit, a visit that would only be the beginning of the madness.  Mood swings, impatience with my beautiful little boy, energy ups and downs.  Finally, I started reading your book again and reading the stories of other women.  2 weeks ago I took the leap of faith and started your program.  Within 3 days, my life started changing.  I felt a sense of calm, my he ad stopped spinning and my days were no longer ruled by thoughts of food.  I truly never thought that I could give up my daily trip to Starbucks and I can honestly say that I have not even thought about walking into one.  Any time I am feeling anxious I now eat the foods you have taught me could calm me (the last foods I could have imagined I could trust). I purchased the library recipe workshop and made some of the new candy and griddle cake recipes [Note from K at: 2010 Member Library subscription comes with the Mastery program by Lisa purchased separately, more info on how to do that below].....this is way better than Starbucks; With a clearer head I am starting to think about things I have not thought about for a long time.  I have started to ride horses again because my time is no longer filled with thoughts of food.  I knew the re was so much more to life than food and it took this approach to see the other side. It truly was a leap of faith to really go for it, as I (and everyone I know) have been brainwashed to thinking this way of living couldn’t possibly bring me peace or freedom without weight gain and they have done both. Each day when I wake up I wait to find out that it is all a dream, but then the same peace stays in my body all day again. This tool is something I will now have forever, and that is priceless. Now it’ s about expanding my options and honing it in my remaining sessions [Lisa purchased a series of four a la carte sessions to use as she needs them].  I am grateful, Kat. Thank you.

Jon F.:
A year after beginning the full, customized regimen Kat honed for me at last July's program, I’m almost free of fibromyalgia pain I’ve had for most of my adult life. I no longer need my asthma medication, and am nearly weaned off the sleep meds and anti-depressants that kept part of my mind captive for fifteen years. So much clarity has returned! I no longer crave beer , which not only flattened my belly, but I know has altered my future from all kinds of other dependencies. I am freer by the month.

T. E.
It’s incredible to have reached my goal weight and to be staying here without struggle.
Another thing I’ve noticed is that (this is embarrassing) I have had absolutely zero gas or bloating since the April program.


Since starting this, my latest glasses prescription is too strong. The cataracts that clouded my vision while driving at night are no longer noticeable. I’m back to my college weight without struggling and no longer have that ball and chain feeling later in the day.

My son no longer thinks his sister should be committed (not joking). Her food issues are almost gone. My digestive challenges from the colon removal  procedure I had have greatly improved (including my ability to eat normal food at the table with my family) with this program. It’s like I have a huge quality of life aspect back since April. I am grateful to you for what you  have done for Becca and I.

It’s as if my wife has had a lobotomy (in a good way). She says your program “saved” her.

I have to rethink my own aspirations because I now have so much more energy-packed life to fill.
My nutrition practice will never be the same. The value of what I’ve learned is unfolding in how I feel and think...

My sister attended the May 2010 program and is a total devotee. She looks younger each time I see her!

Since the TeleProgram I feel beautiful for the  first time at 62. Like I know an incredible secret that is literally transforming me without struggle.


Your book and program gave me my sister back. Five years later and she still looks great. We were proud to see her story in Woman’s World.

Amazing that I have had no desire for my evening wine since the program (June 25th) ended. I have tried to do the program myself for years, but couldn’t get past that hump. I needed to be there. Now I’m free of what I suspect was my most destructive craving.

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I sincerely hope to meet many of you soon...

Until next week,
Yours in health, Truth and Beauty,


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