What Is Total Transformation®?

Just as word of mouth and industry acclaim have propelled The Truth About Beauty into ongoing new chapters in its evolution, the same degree of acclaim has led Kat James’ Total Transformation® Program to be recognized as the only experience of its kind. Hailed by the premiere travel publication, Conde Nast Traveler, as a pioneering destination in “transformation travel,” Total Transformation® has left a wake of incredible success stories, such as remissions of type II diabetes, eating disorders, inflammatory diseases, and more, featured in magazines, like Total Health, Women’s World, Better Nutrition, and GRAND.

Kat James’ February St. Simons Island and March Mountain Chalet 5-Day Programs in Lake Lure, NC
Picture staying at an oceanfront home in exclusive St. Simons Island or a spacious chalet surrounded by valleys with a backdrop of cascading Blue Ridge Mountains.  Make either destination your sanctuary for transformation this spring. Come spend five days with Kat and the other participants as you explore a new foundation for unprecedented freedom from beauty self-sabotage and stubborn food or weight issues and quickly become a connoisseur of your own self-cultivation. You’ll not only learn about, but experience a series of powerful shape and skin-transforming lifestyle "upgrades" from your very first day. With more new tastes and choices than you’ve ever experienced before in one week, you’ll revel in the beauty of your surroundings, as your body revels in an idyllic sanctuary from unhealthy choices, harsh self-treatment, and needless self-deprivation.

Kat promises you’ll return home not only with a transformed approach to eating and self-care; but also a transformed relationship with your self.


  Can't Get Away? Consider Participating in Kat's Total Transformation® TeleProgram Series

As lives have gotten busier and budgets tighter for many, it became clear to Kat in 2008 that she needed a highly accessible, convenient, and yet still personal way to deliver Total Transformation® to the broadest range of people. The solution is Kat’s Total Transformation® Program TeleProgram Series, offered in two formats—Basic Jumpstart and Mastery Programs—it's the perfect answer, with many unexpected advantages over our 5-day destination Total Transformation® Programs, including:

  • Save lots of money. The reduced cost over our 5-day destination programs (or far more expensive, far less life-changing spa stays) allows more money to be saved and allotted to immediate lifestyle upgrades. While you don’t get the ambiance of spending time in the mountains of North carolina, or the kitchen time, or the makeover photo shoot experience with Kat. Plus, if your budget is tight but you want to attend a destination program in the future, we'll credit half of the cost of your TeleProgram tuition toward the destination program tuition.
  • No life disruption. Learn from home without taking time off work. No travel expenses. Keep your vacation time with your kids. Change your life right at home where real change begins anyway. Great if you’re shy. Anonymous. Intimacy without judgment.
  • Live-as-you-learn pacing. Kat has found through private consulting that three hour sessions with several days in-between is optimal for acclimating to the logistical and biochemical transition of her lifestyle principles. While private consulting can cost thousands, this teleprogram format is spread out over four or seven sessions over a month or more. This is ideal for locking in the motivation, the power of positive reinforcement (physical rewards!) and the logistics of implementing the program, while affording the opportunity for in-depth troubleshooting. This more drawn-out connection is a preferred aspect relative to the brief villa or cruise experience.
  • TelePrograms make perfect refresher motivation courses. They bring you an affordable infusion of inspiration, as well as the latest new ways to facilitate Kat’s program. This allows many people to “master” the principles via repetition, particularly if the timing or circumstance for their original experience was not optimal. No two Total Transformation® Programs are ever the same. Each offers its own new strategies, products, recipes and angles to enhance the basic principles.

Choose Between Two Total Transformation® TeleProgram Formats: Basic Jumpstart or Mastery Programs

Kat has created two different programs to meet two different budgetary and individual needs. Both programs will encompass the full four-module (Shedding, Feeding, Cultivating, and Living) curriculum that is the foundation of all Total Transformation® Programs. What usually takes two or more days to cover at Kat’s destination villa or cruise programs is covered both up front, and in increasing depth over four to seven weeks, so basic implementation can happen right after the first session, but more stubborn roadblocks can also be removed over time.  One-on-one consulting with Kat works similarly, but is cost prohibitive to many, starting at $500 for the first hour. With teleprograms, you can get both the intensity and the time off to experience the rewards and the challenges, and bring your questions back to the Program.



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