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What is Total Transformation™?

If you're looking for idle beauty chat, gossip, and the latest fad to spend your money on… KEEP SURFING!!

But if you're ready to get serious and move beyond the obstacles and trappings of the beauty & anti-aging marketplace, and partake in more powerful, "uncensored" information and resources, I welcome you to InformedBeauty.

Our Mission at Informed Beauty

The mission of InformedBeauty is to bring you the information and the solutions you haven't been getting, with no blind spots, no biases, and the latest scientific findings so YOU can decide...

With no "allegiance" to or dependence on advertisers and a commitment to showing both sides, we'll provide a respectable diversity of expert opinion — always stated as such — as well as the kind of hard little facts that turn confusion into confidence, and you into your own best expert.

We won't leave you hanging. We'll supply you with resources and links as well as toll-free numbers that will help you live consistently with your informed beauty and lifestyle instincts.

It's not InformedBeauty's style to insult your intelligence by continually offering skin-deep, quick-fix "remedies" as cures. We will always offer ways to achieve real beauty benefits, and lasting results that enhance — never compromise — your overall vitality.

Whether we show you ways to simplify your life, or inspire you along the road to your own personal transformation, we'll do it with humor and a refreshing bit of irreverence.

So don't settle for beauty "fluff"... Go for informed beauty. It becomes you.



To your beauty, your health,

Kat James
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