What is Total Transformation™?

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What is Total Transformation™?

Total Transformation™ is a name which represents both the process and the end result of nationally recognized beauty expert Kat James’ ground-breaking, approach to achieving and respecting your own inherent, vital beauty potential. It is a radically different, "omni-dimensional" approach that will change the way you live while drastically altering your reflection. In your mind and in the flesh.

The personal motivation and passion behind Total Transformation™ and InformedBeauty.com runs deep… As a makeover "guru" for popular TV shows and magazines like Today and Good Housekeeping for years, Ms. James thought she’d seen it all when it came to "before and after" until she emerged from her most challenging "makeover" ever: her own.

Against formidable odds - what she calls her own compulsive war against her body, her beauty and herself -- she profoundly transformed herself well beyond the considerable capabilities of hair and makeup (see Kat’s "before and after" on IB’s homepage, or in "Meet Kat James".) Her new face, body and self-image displayed the mind-blowing benefits to "whatever she was doing" as her fashion and beauty colleagues and even her family stood by in amazement over the months and years during which this metamorphosis took place.

More than a decade after she began to uncover and experience the results of her discoveries, Kat is eager to share the principles of what she’s done for herself and since helped many of her clients achieve -- from the outside in and the inside out — to women all over the country through her Total Transformation™ Program and through InformedBeauty.com .

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